The design of the MultiStrand Clasp began when Nancy Mclees wanted to wear 3 strands of her 5 strand pearl necklace that were permanently strung on a classic filigree clasp. If she restrung them separately, what would she hang them on? The MultiStrand Clasp of course!

Nancy's background in bridal, gown and jewelry design, fashion accessories for stage, and a basic love of the necklace as a required finish to any outfit, inspired her to design a clasp that allows you to personalize your multi-strand necklaces, mixing and matching for any look you want. You are the designer!

Her hope is to make your jewelry a versatile part of your wardrobe, and your design life. An extremely easy travel item, it can take your look from demure, to fabulous, or over the moon!

The MultiStrand Clasp has inspired a beautiful line of gemstone jewelry, which Nancy sells privately, and donates to her favorite charity auctions.

McLees Jewelry Design